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The 2015 Top Ten Boat Names

BoatUS Releases Their 2015 List of Top Ten Boat Names

It's an annual tradition. Every year BoatUS releases their top 10 list of boat names based on people who bought vinyl lettering from them over the previous year. This year's list isn't much different than past years', with many familiar names showing up. Here is the press release from BoatUS about the boat names, along with a photo of one of the boat names on an embroidered shirt from

Big and small, power or sail, there are many different kinds of boats and so many different kinds of boat owners. But the one thing they seem to agree on is how boating makes them feel, at least if your looking at a boat’s name on the transom. “Serenity” has been named the #1 boat name for the second year in a row with the release of the 2015 list of Top Ten Boat Names from Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS). It is also the name’s tenth appearance on the popular list of boat names issued annually since 1992 by the recreational boat advocacy, service and safety group. “Calm, peaceful and untroubled is what boating is all about for so many boaters,” said BoatUS spokesman Scott Croft.

The BoatUS 2015 list of Top Ten Boat Names:
  1. Serenity
  2. Seas the Day
  3. Andiamo (Italian for “let’s go”)
  4. Aquaholic
  5. Second Wind
  6. Island Time
  7. Happy Ours
  8. Journey
  9. Serendipity
  10. Relentless
Croft says boaters frequently come to BoatUS to get ideas for a name by taking a peek at the Association’s online list of over 8,000 boat names, then use the free and easy layout program to, “Start playing around with a boat name to get an idea of what it will look like, picking letter styles and colors.” Boaters can then choose to either order online or if they want some more creative help, may use the BoatUS Premium Boat Graphics service that offers the talents of a professional designer. An online photo gallery can also help boaters also narrow down a choice.

“Picking a boat name can be harder than naming one’s own child,” said Croft, who has had to name several of his boats through the years. “Boat names can reflect your lifestyle, your relationship to loved ones or what you do for a living. And that’s only the beginning.” For the record, Croft’s first boat name was “Constitution” because, “We happened to name her on a July 4th weekend and I had only a limited choice of ugly hardware store letters.” For his second boat name, Croft chose “Aiden R.” after his only son and used the BoatUS graphics service.  “Kids sometimes think it’s pretty cool to have their name on a boat. It’s also a real safe bet for parent to choose – but only if you have one child,” he said with a smile.

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Did Name Changes Doom Wolf of Wall Street Megayacht?

Probably not, but that's the first ting that jumped out at us...

We just read a gripping article about the sinking of the megayacht Nadine, which was depicted in the movie, "The Wolf of Wall Street", and couldn't help but wonder if the yacht's multiple name changes didn't have something to do with her ultimate demise. It's in our nature to wonder such things. After all, we are the boat name blog.
Nadine and other true stories at sea.

In fact, the article on Yachts International (taken from the 14-year-old book, “Megayacht: True Stories of Adventure, Drama and Tragedy at Sea”) states that the vessel had undergone at least four name changes since her initial stint as "Matilda" in 1961.

Other names included "Coco Chanel", "Jan Pamela" and "Big Eagle".  The full article is available at Yachts International, as well as in the book, “Megayacht: True Stories of Adventure, Drama and Tragedy at Sea”, which is out of print but available on Kindle at for a few bucks per download.

We always encourage folks to change a boat's name when taking ownership, but perhaps five different names over a boat's lifetime is too many for the gods of the sea to bear.    

The latest list. BoatUS and the top 10 boat names of 2014

The Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS) has released their annual list of top ten boat names, and as the official blog of all things related to boat names, it's our job to share this year's list with you.

Personalized bamboo cutting board from Boat Name Gear

So, as promised, here is the 2014 BoatUS list of top ten boat names are...
  1. Serenity
  2. Second Wind
  3. Island Girl 
  4. Freedom 
  5. Pura-Vida 
  6. Andiamo 
  7. Island Time 
  8. Irish Wake 
  9. Happy Hours 
  10. Seas the Day
Maybe you've seen these boat names before. Heck, if they are popular enough to make the top 10 list, you've probably got one or more of these boat names in your marina. Maybe your boat name is even on the list.

Some folks use lists like these to come up with boat name ideas, while others peruse them to decide what NOT to name their boat, as they would prefer to choose something more unique. 

Let us know if your boat name is on this list, or if you've seen any of them around on the water.

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Not a Nauti Dog Anymore

Got this message a couple of weeks ago from a woman who needs help naming her new boat...

This boat is not a nauti dog
I am retired from civil service, my husband is still working civil service however, is retired navy.  We live on Bennett's Creek in Suffolk, Virginia where we plan to retire. We LOVE our dogs and cat.  The new boat is ice blue.  Our previous boat was named nauti dog.  We prefer something along Ones of animals, dogs, our river, retirement or the amount of money invested in boat.... Love humor! We are soul mates, very happily married!

Got any ideas? Please comment with your boat name suggestions for this happy couple!


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